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Glossary of Terms

We use some terms specific to career exploration and others you may not be familiar with. This document may help if you have a question about what something means.

NICHE Mindset Blog

A framework for self-assessment, especially career exploration.

Natural Talents, Interests, Characteristics, and Heart are core areas of self-assessment. Environment is the added element used as a filter to help someone determine a suitable launching point for their future career journey.

We believe everyone has their place in the world and their NICHE to carve out for themselves, but people don't always know how to get there. Our approach to working with students is to help them explore their NICHE Mindset and then layer their self-assessment with career research and practical experiences such as internships and job shadowing to determine their next steps.


The earlier these conversations and practices begin, the better, but it's never too late. We hope this mindset and these solutions start your process today!

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