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A Few Examples


Students can use fillable PDFs for milestone check-ins, lesson plans, workshop activities, assignments, and website resources..

A student guide, Job Description Dissection, thumbnail

Milestones/ Checklists

A comprehensive 4-year plan for incremental career exploration before graduation.

Milestone/ Checklist thumbnail

eCourses/ Modules

Students can progress in their career exploration through interactive microlearning that guides them through information and its application.

eCourse/ module thumbnail


Questions and guidance to facilitate self-assessment and progress toward career decisions and plans.

A career exploration discussion guide, Resumes, thumbnail

Learning Outcomes


Clearly express their innate abilities and how they contribute to their future goals.


Describe their passions and potential career paths that align with them.


Utilize their distinct qualities to navigate current and future situations.


Identify their values and non-negotiables for their future.


Evaluate possible opportunities based on their preferred environment.

Incorporating NICHE Mindset Solutions will help students:

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